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Total assets 7777
Dress - Veil 10
Crown 10
Skin Hair 10
Objects in hands 10
Background 10



We launched this project because we wanted to find a way to pay tribute to women, the sweetest and most disrespected half of humanity. 

We all know that still in these days women are often given less opportunities in respect of men if not intentionally prevented to have any. 

Also in the so-called modern countries, women are formally considered at the same level of men, but in practice is not uncommon to see them framed in some cliché and promoted for who they should be and not for who they are.

So Why Mary?

Because even one of the most venerated women in humankind history became an icon mostly because she gave birth to “man”, whatever special he might have been. And she has been trapped into her icon forever. We have thought that such a special girl, because she must have been such if God himself has chosen her, should have deserved to become famous and be honored for who she was and not for the role-model that a group of men decided to cook for her.

“Don’t be afraid, Mary, you’re in favor with God. 

Listen: you will conceive in your womb and will have a son; and you shall call his name Jesus. 

He will be a great man, and he’ll be called the son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of David his father, and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever. 

His kingdom will never come to an end” (Luke, 1:28-33)

The words of Gabriel do not sound as a question indeed and, just to add on top, the baby was going to be a son and not a daughter.

But before that visit, are we sure that that girl, who at the time could have been fourteen years old, was dreaming something like that for her life?

And here we are. We have tried to imagine what she could have become without that warm pressure from God, and we have tried to represent 7.777 of those dreams. 

Just our way to say that we would have loved and honored she anyway and so you should.


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March 2022

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Whitelisted wallets will have priority access to the minting of 7777 NFTs. The entry into the whitelist will guarantee the obtaining of an "indulgence" NFT. These indulgences will be tradable and sellable. When whitelist minting opens, NFT indulgence holders will be able to mint a Mary for each indulgence in their possession. The opening of public minting will follow

March 2022

The "Sacred" Lottery

Shortly after the public minting closes, we will open the sacred weekly lottery. The lucky owner of a particular NFT will win each week. The lottery will last until the next ste

Easter 2022

Toss a coin to your Minter

At that point, NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs and they will be given access to the whitelist for the pre-sale of the Governance Token.

The token will be usable in DeFi on Solana and on the platform that we will release, both in staking and liquidity pools.

May 2022

Friends with benefits

We are also planning to add further “financial” and “non-financial” benefits, but this will be announced towards the end of the third quarter of 2022.



This project was born with a bit of ambitions. We would not like to be just another team offering ready-made generative art in the hope (of yours) that hype will make your NFTs something more valuable.

We wanted first to say thank you to our halves for the patience they have shown for millennia by producing something that is, by definition, unique, like each and every woman is.

But we want to add more to your future unique companion and for this reason we are planning to introduce some additional features that NFT holders will be able to access in the next future, you can already check some of those in the downloadable Litepaper.


Love food, cinema and blockchains. He agreed to the mission to put together the fantastic team that is working on this project.


Melchior brings the gold, or at least he tries to. A growth marketer by profession, after a long stay in Silicon Valley, he’s become swollen-headed and now believes he can turn businesses into unicorns. And the great thing is that sometimes he succeeds. His passion for NFT was born when he saw the first crypto punks sell out. (he loves gold) He joined the 70times7 group to the shout of “Yes we can!”. But don’t believe it, it’s not democratic at all.


A shaman who made his incense an enteogenic substance for his rituals of vision and communication with the divine.

It was during one of his transcendental journeys that he saw them. Multiverse where Mary had been given the opportunity to be who she wanted, in the way she wanted. When he awoke, her words echoed in his head, “This is the way.”


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